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Bypass Shower Doors

Bypass Shower Doors

Bypass Shower Doors Bonita Springs


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Bypass Shower Doors Bonita Springs, Florida

Bypass Shower Doors

Bypass shower doors are also known as sliding glass shower doors.  They are among the most common doors that are used for showers and tubs.  This is because they are relatively easy to install, are cost effective and can have features like a towel bar on both the exterior and interior.

Bypass shower doors can be installed on a shower or tub.  For a shower the doors run along a track on the floor.  They offer ease of access into the shower by sliding open the door and stepping in.  For a bath tub, the track is installed along the edge of the tub offering a much cleaner solution than the standard vinyl curtain.

Vinyl curtains are prone to mold and mildew.  They can house up to 1,500 different types of germs that grow in moist environments.  When it comes to keeping the water in the tub or shower, there is no comparison between doors and curtains.  The easiest way to keep water off of your floor and bacteria out of your bathroom is to trade in that curtain for a set of shower doors. 

Shower Door City knows that your health and family well being are your main concern.  They are our concern too.  Call us today to find out how easily you can convert from a curtain to bypass shower doors.  You will be glad you did.



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